Social Walks

Group Social Walks (Spring/Summer) – £5 – phone for more details
Social Walks are wonderful for dogs as they, like us, are social creatures and enjoy opportunities to practice their social skills.
We also need to be able to control our dogs, protect them from dangers and prevent them from being a nuisance.
In a social walk class we all socialise and learn at the same time and there is plenty of time for individual questions.
Walks take place in The New Forest around the Ringwood area.  
During a class we may typically practice recalls, sit / stay, emergency stops, leaving (i.e. rubbish & horse poo) and learning to pass other dogs and people calmly and politely. The classes are open to all ages and breeds and they help increase ability and confidence in both dog and owner. 
All classes are subject to the weather and I will text or phone you if the class is cancelled.

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