“We’re Getting A Puppy” – Information from collecting to the first weeks

“We’re getting a Puppy” A puppy guide on preparation, collecting your puppy and the first few weeks. Preparing for your Puppy’s Arrival Welcoming a new puppy is exciting, challenging and hugely rewarding time. If you’re well prepared, you can help your puppy settle faster and it’ll be more enjoyable for you too.   Questions to …

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Fireworks and Dogs

Thank you for taking the first step to helping your dog during fireworks. Treatment for noise phobic dogs is usually a fairy straightforward procedure but does require patience and understanding.  It is also a gradual process and is likely to take some weeks or months.  This is not a procedure to start on 1st November. …

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How Tellington Touch Can Help Your Dog Improves a wide variety of behavioural and health problems. Reduces Pain Aids Healing of Injuries and Illnesses Reduces Fears and/or Reactiveness towards People or other Dogs Improves Focus, Concentration, Performance,  Coordination and Wellbeing Increases Levels of Self Control, Confidence and Self-Awareness BEHAVIOUR CHANGES Dislike of Contact – Vets, Grooming, Hand …

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