dog hiding under sofa scared of fireworks

TELLINGTON TOUCH (TTouch) for Dogs Scared of Fireworks

tellington t touch badgeContrary to out dated beliefs, handling a fearful, defensive or reactive animal in a positive, mindful, calm way does not reward, and therefore reinforce, that behaviour. It can change it. The Tellington TTouch has a profound and potent effect on the nervous system and has a powerful influence on responses and mood.

What does TTouch do?

• TTouch shifts an animal from a state of arousal or fear to a state of calm focus.
• Calming and comforting
• None habitual movements tap into neurotransmitters boasting serotonin and dopamine.
• Positive effect on the brain. Keeping the brain in a thinking state rather than a fear state such as flight/fight/freeze.
• Teaches the dog to think rather than react.

TTouch helps to release tension. Posture changes behavior therefore if you can release tension you can change posture and in turn behavior. Example:

If you are tense and someone comes at you threatening, how would you react? Possibly fight back or run away. But, if you are stood relaxed and someone came at you threatening you might try to reason with them or calm them down. You are more able to deal with the situation.

Benefits to using TTouch

• Drug free way of calming your dog
• Able to use when your dog is already scared
• Easy and safe to use
• Long term cure as well as an emergency measure

The majority of dogs that are noise phobic are also sensitive to contact around the hindquarters, feet and ears. They may have habitually cold ear tips, cold feet and cold or cooler patches over the hindquarters. The base of the dog’s tail may be tight and there will usually be tension in the lower back. The good news is that TTouch can help to change the habitual posture of the dog, increase circulation to the cold extremities and release tension through the back and hindquarters, thus altering the dog’s response to noise.

What is TTouch?


The body TTouches break down into three groups; circles, slides and lifts. They consist of a variety of specific light pressure touches and strokes. The aim is to increase mind/body awareness and to give the dog new information and experiences by engaging the sensory aspect of the nervous system.


Leading dogs through patterns of poles laid on the ground, over low raised boards and see saws and over different textures helps to improve proprioception, focus and balance. The slow, precise movements of the groundwork exercises help dogs to settle and learn the ability to self calm. They also increase flexibility and improve gait. Physical, emotional and mental balance are linked and the ground work exercises can have a dramatic effect on behaviour and are particularly useful for dogs on reduced exercise or for those that become over aroused when on the lead. They can also be a valuable starting point for dogs that cannot tolerate contact.


Body Wraps
Calming Bands
Thundershirts or a T-shirt

For more information on how TTouch can help your dog please get in touch.